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Mineral Mix

ينتهي العرض في خلال

Mineral Mix contains the highest concentration of volcanic water, which is 89%, which is the highest concentration of volcanic water available, and it contains many important elements for the skin:
*Calcium * Its function is to increase the cells’ ability to protect
Magnesium Mg and its function is cell regeneration
Sodium Na + Potassium K Their function is to hydrate cells
In addition to *hyaluronic acid*, which is a very beneficial acid for the skin because it is responsible for collecting water inside the skin because its atom is equivalent to 1000 atoms, in addition to it plumps the skin and its concentration in our Mineral Mix product is 3%.
Strengthens the skin – moisturizes the skin – plumps the skin

Indications for use:-
– It is used as a treatment
1- For stressed skin
2- For skin that has expressive signs
It also maintains the freshness of the skin and can be used as a makeup fixer

Mineral Mix size: 60 ml bottle, available in pharmacies.

How to use :
Wash your face in the morning with a skin-friendly cleanser, then apply Mineral Mix

Suitable for all skin types


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