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Minto Mix Spray

ينتهي العرض في خلال

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It restores balance to the muscular and motor system and is intended for joint pain and stiffness, various types of muscle spasms and pains, neck stiffness, and all types of general joint inflammation and pain.
Mentomix gel/spray is characterized by a unique composition of active ingredients such as eucalyptus oil, which works with a superior ability to treat arthritis and relieve pain.
Menthol, which works to combat pain by activating the feeling of coldness in the skin and soothing muscle inflammation,
Castor oil and cloves, which contain salicylates, which work efficiently to combat inflammation and pain.
Mentomix gel/spray also contains ginkgo, majuram and apricot oil, which work to improve blood circulation and treat various types of pain in the musculoskeletal system.
Mentomix spray is equipped with Actisorb technology for ultra-fast absorption, 4 times faster to obtain outstanding results in the fastest time. It is also characterized by a light, dry texture that does not cause any stains on clothes and a refreshing mint scent.


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